Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Day More

First day of Wednesday classes: it's my big day. Four classes in one day spanning from nine in the morning to 8 at night...

As it turned out my body literally was not ready since as soon as I stepped outside, I immediately rolled my ankle as several people passed by and had to collect myself on my porch for a minute or so before I could bring myself to walk to class.

Anyway, the first of these anecdotes I must preface with I am not a racist, and I did not say it.

So I enter my Comedy in literature class (be jealous) and sit toward the front as is my custom is most classes. Adjacent from me is an African American boy and behind him, a Latina. They are speaking in shall we say, dialect, and chatting about a boy that this girl just wanted to know what he's doin', what he about and stuff. The boy replies, incredulous that she did not know he crazy. So I'm both amused and confused as I wait for class to begin.

The professor enters, telling us that she can only see out of one eye due to a contact mishap earlier today; she is also fashionably dressed; so I decide that I like her. The boy adjacent to me says how you doin' to her as she nears him. She smiles and says well. The girl behind him taps her on the shoulder and say, "man what you doin'?"

And he replies, like it's obvious, "Man, I be sittin in the front like I do, and then I introduce myself. She know me now, next time she see me she'll be like, there's that nigga."

Cue me holding in laughter for a good five minutes of class and doing this in my head.

Needless to say I have now decided that it is imperative that I sit near this boy and his companion for the rest of the semester. 

Moving onto my Tennessee Williams class (yes it is all about him :)) Our professor, mentioning Les Mis, asked us if anyone had seen it and what they thought of it. 

A boy with cornrows with the intensity I haven't seen since Ludacris's Roll Out video, raises his hand to respond in a fashion that makes me think he might write a rhyme about it later to share with his male friends. "Man Hugh Jackman is just workin' as hard as he can," (this is where I thought he was about to slam HJ's performance and was growing defensive even though I haven't seen the movie yet) "Just givin' the performance of a lifetime man!" 

Thank god I am sitting toward the back of the classroom this time because my laughter is near instantaneous.