Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My So Called Failed Writing Projects

Hi folks! Haven't been blogging lately I know :(

Anyway, I just finished a screenplay that I've been working on for a few weeks, and I'm sad that it's gone, so I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and see what was in my writing journals. Since Stephenie Meyer convinced me that anyone can get published (that's not a jab at Steph Meyer, when I was fifteen she really did inspire me to actually try writing novels, I wrote a really bad novel about a fallen angel and then rethought life), I have kept a journal where I write down my ideas for books or short stories or screenplays. Sometimes I even write portions of the works in there. When I'm famous I'll sell them for millions MUAHAHAHA. Anyway. There are some real gems. Walk with me

1. I had this idea while washing my mother's car today and thinking about House Bunny: A girl who works for an sensual car wash starts dating a normal guy (the car wash is in Key West because Vegas would be too stereotypical. Anyway, they laugh about her job at the car wash because she's actually smart, went to a good school, but then it's not funny anymore and it draws them apart.

2. Two really bad Irish love stories: One was inspired by a book exchange that exists at my college (titillating, I know). Two librarians fall in love through letters and books. The other is an almost rip-off of the film P.S. I Love You. A girl studies abroad in Ireland, meets a cute boy. They see each other the next night. They go home together. The cute boy has some endearing Irish friends who are funny, and the two of them proceed to have a torrid romance throughout her college years.

3. A World War Two era novel that upon closer review is essentially a Pearl Harbor knock off without Josh Hartnett or the setting of Pearl Harbor. Boy and girl fall in love, boy is deployed, girl is pregnant, boy is lost in action, but is them found again, boy and girl get married.

4. I also found a bucket list scribbled down in between ideas.  One of the things was meet Stephen Colbert, Steph Meyer, and Robert Pattinson. That's all. Nice.

5. A horror novel set in the woods. I even got so far as to write a back flap to this one, I will even keep the original grammar for you: The way Susan saw it she and Graham had three choices; die from exposure, get killed by three serial killing psychos, or survive. She was hoping for the third, but the odds weren't looking good. When Susan is forced on a hiking trip for school, she thought that was the worst thing that could happen to her. Dealing with Graham Rollins, the devilishly handsome boy intent on tormenting her was almost a perk in comparison. Now Susan finds herself in much deeper trouble. Fighting for her life against bitter cold and three psychos, Susan must depend on who else but Graham Rollins.
OH SNAP! Also, I seemed quite intent on conveying that the serial killers were indeed psychos. Why there were three serial killers and not just one, I have no idea.

6. Finally, a novel circling around an anorexic ballet dancer named December. She goes to live with her Aunt and is shockingly an outcast. Though I bet anything she finds love soon.

I would like to also include a disclaimer that I am not a completely terrible writer, and not all of my ideas are this bad. Just the ones I get while ambling along the street by myself with nothing better to do than compose ridiculous stories in my head.

What stories are in your heads?


  1. I LOVE your horror novel set in the woods. I just laughed so hard and I have to tell you when I go back and look at my notes I am like "What..." Then there are the ones from more recent times that I really think are awesome but then I go back and I am just sad for myself and decide to not be a writer. ever. This is why I still haven't started writing..thinking of doing the NANOWRIMO thing but quite honestly, I'm scared.

  2. I do the same thing! I get really excited about an idea, but sometimes I go back and I'm like that's not cool at all. Though eventually you have to stop guessing yourself and take the plunge. I always start to believe my writing is crap when I'm editing, but if I enjoy writing it then what the fuck does it matter haha.

    Good luck with your writing!!