Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perils of Blog Posting

I apologize if this post seems scatterbrained but I'm currently surrounded by entirely too much external stimuli.  60 degree weather in February, a plethora of men wearing salmon or pastel colored shorts above the knee, Irish rock's a lot.  Alas, I wish to share my internet troubles.

I've always prided myself as being internet savvy...or at least being better at internet navigation than my mother.  However Steve Jobs dead is probably better at interent navigation than my mother. Blogging is an entirely new can of worms that I can't seem to pry open.  Thank goodness I'm merely a co-author and not the logistical runner of this blog otherwise god knows the shambles it would be in.

Speaking of co-authorship, it seems that I am not privy to many of the features that my partner is.  According to him we have international views (Hi in your native language guys!).  Huh, news to me. I also have begun following cool blogs, however when one follows the wrong blog what does one do? The answer: I have no effing idea.

Here's a recent conversation my companion and I had about blogging:
p.s. there's mention of a blog, Pea Soup, it's run by my co-author Quimsical, you should definitely check it out! I just don't know where to find it because evidently I'm following the wrong one...

    • Quimsical: I think you're following the wrong pea soup lol unless you wanted to follow a different pea soup 
    • understandable

      Audecdote: I am following the wrong pea soup. I don't know how to unfollow

      Quimsical: lmao. I will help you with that at a later date

      Audecdote: Blogging is far too complicated for me. I post. I get out. 


  1. Okay this is why I get gender confused you guys. You guyyys. You're not helping matters.

    What Irish rock music? Please say Dropkick Murphy and not U2?

  2. Hahaha, I am Quimsical. male. She is Audecdote. female. We are besties :) And, this is her post, so as far as what kind of Irish rock music it is, I can only hope it was Dropkick Murphey.

  3. U2 is not Irish music. Flogging Molly is Irish music haha (this is Audecdote)