Thursday, February 2, 2012


One day can have many moments

That moment when one lone, wiry-haired girl with a countenance expressing nothing but utter worry sprints with insane vigor, peppered with worrisome moments of clumsiness. She makes it onto the bus, nodding her head militaristically in a gracious thanks to the bus driver for having waited, and more or less dumps herself into a front handicapped-only seat. Then, in one final action that is the seal of accomplishment on her hand-scribed letter that is her confounding and physically demanding morning, she throws her head back against the window in breathy resignation. She is the bus driver's property now.

that moment when large black man is rapping really loudly as he walks, and he sounds as though he has a speech impediment.

That moment when you walk into a building and an obese black man is singing traditional "save-us" African music and then you proceed to nearly walk into him.

That moment when the Somalian kid in your class makes a semi-compelling argument for polygamy.

That moment when you're trying to figure out a way to make your fine-point pen a weapon of absolute death.

That moment when you finally get in touch with your cousin and she tells you there is no money to be made in publishing

That moment when your advertising professor is talking about ad agencies and one is named Won Doody Crandall Weiner.


  1. I know I am late on this one, but I think this describes my every day! Moments are amazing...

  2. Those random moments in my day are what keep my life interesting!