Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Terrible Terror

One of my worst fears is someone breaking into my home. That being said, I invite you into my own personal nightmare.

It began innocently enough, my friend and fellow Quimsical Audecdote writer and I getting some Taco Bell to fill our rumbling bellies...actually we might not have even been that hungry we probably just wanted Taco Bell. That trip in it of itself was an ordeal. Me, never quite able to master getting close enough to the drive-through window to get my food comfortably thing. I had parked far too far away and had to get out of the car in order to pay and get my food. A humiliation. It was made worse by the trucker behind me, I remember him as southern for some reason. "Been there," he shouted at me with a breathy hickish laughed. I was-chagrinned.

We arrive at my grandmother's dwelling, we were in her neck of the woods after all, and we hadn't wanted to eat in the car. My grandmother wasn't living at the house anymore, she had already moved into an assisted living community where she was (is) doing quite well I thank you. Now I should have known upon pulling into the driveway that eating at my grandmother's was not in the cards. Having snowed a lot in the past few weeks, my car got stuck in the driveway as I pulled in. No one had been shoveling her driveway it seemed. An omen.

Parked safely on the street outside her home, my companion and I made our way to the backdoor of the house where I had the key. The key I found however, would not be necessary. The backdoor was open. We recoiled, terrified instantly. No one had been at the house in weeks. Sprinting back to the car, I dialed the number to my home, choosing to call my parents before the police.

"Mom!" I said, my voice colored with panic.
"What's wrong?"
"The backdoor to grandma's house is open!"
"Why are you at your grandmother's house."
Embarrassed, "Quin and I wanted to eat our Taco Bell there..." This was an insignificant detail. Who cared what me and my Cheesy Guardita Crunch were doing at Grandma's house? There was an assailant afoot!

Eventually she put my father on the phone. "Get your ass in the house," he told me.

"WHAT! I'm not going in there! There could be someone in there!"
"Then beat their ass! Protect your grandmother's home!"

Feeling like Braveheart, my friend and I walked back to the backdoor as I remained on the phone with my father.
"Should I get a shovel?" Asked my quick witted companion
"Good idea."

We approached the backdoor.
"Do you want me to go first since I have the shovel?"
"Yeah you go first, you have the shovel."
"Jesus Christ," I hear my father say.

We entered the house where I attempted to turn on the lamps. The lamps did not turn on, my thought: "Oh my god! THEY STOLE THE LIGHTBULBS!"

"Check to see if all the silver and appliances are there," my father instructed me. My shovel clad companion and I tiptoed through the house, surveying it for anything missing. There wasn't, but I still had an image of some vagrant/hoodlum descending the staircase mid-break in/squatting session.

The coast was clear it seemed, however did that mean that my companion and I were able to enjoy our Taco Bell in the comfort of my grandmother's home? Definitely not. We sat in my car which was parked directly outside my grandmother's house, our hearts pounding from the perilous danger we had just faced.

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