Monday, December 26, 2011

A Normal Christmas Conversation

In the post-Christmas spirit, let's play a game of He said, She said. A conversation between none other than the Quimsical Audecdotes pair. To give context, it occured while one of us was watching the cinematic masterpiece of comfort, Julie & Julia. That also may explain why there are some harsh words spoken about Julie Powell, a fellow blogger who we know nothing about besides what we see in Amy Adams' portrayal of her in the film.

This conversation also may serve as an indicator about how easily one can go from talking about a lovely movie to shitting. No? Just us? That's fine...I guess.

Via Text Message. Edited in MLA format, I thank you.

"Oh and I guess Julie [Powell] and her husband are still married."

"Pure bullshite. He is better off without her gingery cunny."

"Maybe he needs a bitch in his life."

"She is the controller of the bedroom."


"Meryl Streep is superb."

"A real goddess."

"She deserves all the Oscars in the world."

"And a pat on the back."


"And a stiff cock."

"I'm UP!"


"Such. A. Large. Shit. I just had. I think I lost weight."

"Oh god, extreme girth?"

Oh yeah, and length. Its like an anaconda."

"Oh sweet myeeryy." (For reference, this should be pronounced how Jimi Hendrix pronounces Mary in his classic song, "The Wind Cries Mary").



"I am...alarmed."

"Did you even need to wipe or was it a messy wipe..."

"It was messy. That's how I found out it was green."

-End of conversation-

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